I’m still laughing so hard at that vid of that guy snoring. Today was such a good day for memes.


Farts are the ghosts of the food we eat


kanyes new album not as good as my mums cut 


Why are you making everyone die?”

"Because…everything dies"

The Fall (2006)
Tarsem Singh

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I remember grimelords made a post like at least a year or two ago about throwing a trophy into a lake and idk… there were more details to the post that gave it more context which I can’t remember but I still think about that concept soooooo often. Maybe once a month I’ll just randomly think to myself “I wonder what it feels like to actually throw that trophy into the lake”

Natalie Portman photographed by Mert & Marcus for W Magazine, May 2005

Two Weeks - FKA twigs